Frequently Asked Questions on Psychic Self Defense

faq psychic protectionWho are psychic energy vampires?

Most of you probably have heard the term – psychic energy vampire or energy vampire. Do they really exist and is there a way to effectively protect yourself from their influence? They do exist, and we all actually have been in the role of an energy vampire at least once in our lifetime. Psychic energy vampire is a person who lacks their own energy and is forced to obtain this energy from people around. Thus, if you have ever felt depressed or really wanted and needed someone to talk to about your problems then you were in a state of an energy vampire. It is not scary or bad to find yourself in that state – the scary part is when you can’t step out of it and being an psychic energy vampire becomes the only means of getting energy to survive.

Here are a few simple ways to spot a psychic energy vampire:

1) you get bored really fast and even tired when you have a conversation with a person who is currently in an psychic energy vampire state.
2) you might find yourself yawning all the time when you are in a close zone of a psychic energy vampire.
3) if psychic energy vampire is very powerful or if you are very sensitive then you might even feel pain in your solar plexus area when you are near this person (your body is signaling you that you are in a danger zone).
4) Another sign of a psychic energy vampire is when a person has very cold hands or feet all the time (ladies, please don’t get stressed out – in most cases it could be just incorrect energy flow).

Nevertheless, please don’t try to protect yourself from everyone you think might be a psychic energy vampire. You can learn psychic defense techniques here or sign up for our seminars on psychic self defense. Just try to trust your own body and it will tell you when you are in danger.

Who are psychics and people with extraordinary (extrasensory) abilities?

We all have heard about psychics, mediums, people with extrasensory and clairvoyance abilities. The question is not if they exist, the main question is – can we trust in what they are telling us about our karma, future and state of our aura. One thing for sure is that they see the world differently. In a way they are ahead of their time. Many people used to believe that our planet was flat for a long time, until everyone finally agreed that it is actually round. The same is happening right now – we have to embrace that higher planes actually do exist and there is something beyond our material plane. Psychics and people with extraordinary abilities are those who can see higher planes and interact with them. They have an ability to use their brain waves to receive information from the higher planes and interpret it into the language that we all can understand (some just do it better than others). Right now there is a lot of mystery behind psychic abilities, however we are sure that with time most people will accept those abilities as a part of our everyday life (just like everyone accepted the fact that our planet is round and that it rotates around the Sun and not the other way around). After the quantum leap in 2012 a lot of psychic abilities became available to more people and a lot more people are interested in esoteric topics every day. It is possible to train those abilities just like you can train your muscles or memory, however one does have to remember that everyone has their own potential in doing certain things, and there is really no need to force yourself in learning those abilities. The main thing is to be in harmony with Nature and follow the mission of your own Spirit.

What is the most effective psychic method of protection?

There are all kinds of psychic methods of self defense (and we will teach you how to use all of those we know – which is a lot), however the most effective way of psychic self defense is living according to our own unique Nature and following the mission of your own Spirit. It seems to be easier said than done and in a way, you are right. We can only teach you the techniques that we have tested in practice and we know that they work. However, we cannot find your own unique natural psychic self defense worldview for you. It should be your own journey and we can only help you on that way by providing needed tools and valuable advice.

To be under Nature’s protection you have to get the knowledge and wisdom that resonates with your needs and use it in your life. You have to learn to enjoy this journey as much as you can and we will try to give you a number of tips on how you can achieve it and perhaps you will find your own most effective psychic self defense – life in harmony with Nature.

Why there is no effect when I’ve use the psychic defense techniques I found on your website?

The most common reason for our psychic defense techniques failure is that people often try too hard. For any visualization technique to work one first of all has to believe that it works and second of all turn off his/her own analytic rational mind for the moment of doing the techniques. For our methods of psychic defense to have full effect one has to be in a playful mode just like a kid in a candy store – this state really helps for the techniques to do what they are supposed to do and consequently the person will get desired results. When we are using our logic (or left brain hemisphere) we can process only 16 units of information per second, when we are using our creative imagination (right brain hemisphere) to visualize thoughtforms for psychic self defense we can process a billion units of information per second. In other words for our techniques to be effective all you have to do is to use you right brain (you can also use music, beeswax candles and scented sticks to enhance the work of your right brain hemisphere – we will talk more about it in our psychic defense online seminars).

Is energy healing or going to a psychic dangerous?

We have to say that for some people energy healing or going to a psychic can be more dangerous than for the others. Those people who are very sensitive are probably more at risk than everyone else. There is a saying (a law of Nature) “a hierarch can receive help only from a hierarch of the same level or higher” – it means that when people with great psychic energy potential go to energy healers or psychics, they run a risk of being used as an energy source for those healers and psychics. When someone has pro-Nature’s worldview and is in harmony with oneself, then energy healing or psychics are not dangerous (and not needed, for that matter ;). We will talk more about this topic in our online seminars and provide you with the techniques on how to recover your energy after energy healing sessions and visits to a psychic.

If you have questions that you would like to address, please contact us and we will do our best to answer as promptly as possible.