How to Use Psychic Defense

howto psychic self defenseYou will be able to find useful information on Your Psychic Defense website not only if you are new to energy protection techniques but also if you have studied the ways of psychic self defense for a long time. Our methods of psychic defense are very simple to use since they are based on the laws of Nature and their effectiveness has been proven in practice.

We all know that our thoughts are material and you probably have heard that “What you think is what you get”. To correctly use our techniques all you have to do is to use your imagination when visualizing certain thoughtforms and be in a playful mode. When a person puts him or herself in a playful or creative mode the right brain hemisphere is activated. Our left brain hemisphere can only process 16 units of information per second while right brain hemisphere is able to process 1 billion units of information per second.

Another way to describe methods of psychic self defense that you can find on our website is healing visualization techniques. All you have to do is to visualize the images that we offer without using too much logic (You should bring out your inner kid – you are as a kid watching a cartoon in own his/her mind, but don’t forget to get back to your adult state and to the point of here and now).

Visualization techniques help to harmonize your brain waves which in fact create your aura and energy that protects your body from any type of sickness or external psychic influence.

You can visit psychic defense techniques page and learn about the basic methods that we have to offer. More powerful techniques will be presented in our psychic self defense online seminars.