Energy Vampire, Psychic Attack, Negative Energy – Learn Everything You Will Ever Need To Know To Protect Your Energy

Energy Protection | Psychic Self Defense


  • When was the last time you felt totally secure and cozy in your bed after waking up from a pleasant dream?
  • Can you feel the negativity of other people, but can’t do anything about it?
  • Would you like to know how to protect your own vital energy in a very simple way that actually makes sense and was tested in practice?
  • Do you practice energy healing but just can’t seem to get the results that you want?

psychic self defense seminarsDuring our online semianr there will be no need to go through shamanic rituals or memorizing long exorcist prayers, you will learn powerful energy protection techniques and you will know how to protect yourself from negative influence of energy or psychic vampires on all levels of higher consciousness.

Energy Protection | Psychic Self Defense Online Seminar is unique in its Nature.  The techniques that you will learn during the seminar are based on the new spiritual science Infosomatics as well as various esoteric sources.  It was the first time this kind of seminar was conducted in English (it is a recording of a ~8 hour long psychic-defense private consultation in 2012). The very basic “psychic defense survival kit” you can find on our website for free, but to have a deeper understanding of what is really happening on the energy level you might want to consider watching this seminar.

We can confidently guarantee that this seminar will teach you everything you will ever need to know in order to shield your own energy from psychic vampires, negative influence of other people. As a result from watching this seminar you will know how to effectively protect yourself, your home and your children from negative energies.


Energy Protection | Psychic Self Defense Online Seminar is a

~8 hours webinar

179 USD

Please contact us after you made the payment using the contact form.  Upon receiving your message we will send you the link (within 2-3 business days) so you can watch Energy Protection | Psychic Self Defense online seminar.

(There is also a second part of the seminar which is offered only after you watch the main seminar. It has about 20 powerful energy protection/disconnection techniques from your ex-partners. When you disconnect yourself from the energy vampires in your past you get back all the energy that you have lost. Contact us for more details).

Below you can find a program of the seminar, however it is not limited only to the following topics:

  • What is the ultimate goal of learning psychic defense techniques?
  • Why should you know psychic self defense to be successful in XXI century?
  • The secret of “Philosophical stone” revealed.
  • Living using only your own brain activity. What is egoism?!
  • How human brain works and what helps to activate psychic methods of protection .
  • When should you use psychic self defense? Safety measures of using psychic defense techniques.
  • Danger of bringing psychic defense methods to absolute.
  • Two ways of defense. What should you change in order to get the results you want.
  • Who should you protect yourself from and how to identify psychic energy vampires and people with negative energy.
  • Different types of psychic self defense: dynamic and passive.
  • Is it possible to live without any hardships and problems in life?
  • Psychic immune system for different planes of matter existence.
  • Human body and energy shells of a human. How is it related to psychic self defense?
  • Nature, Human and Higher Self.
  • How Nature’s psychic self defense really works and what is the most effective way to use it.
  • How to correctly work with thoughtforms and phantoms? Why do you need a sharp abrupt sound to activate the psychic defense techniques.
  • What you need to activate psychic self defense and how to turn it off.
  • Energy protection techniques that we practice in our life without realizing it: sea salt bath, rings, bracelets, stones and crystals.
  • Psychic Protection technique – Mirror. What everyone should know about mirrors. Mirrors and taking pictures. Mirror in your sleeping room.
  • Golden sarcophagus” – psychic self defense when you sleep.
  • What attracts problems in your everyday life and can psychic methods of protection help you?
  • The need to understand death and fear of death.
  • Invisible Cloak” or “Ninja” psychic method of defense.
  • What kills the effect and power of the psychic self defense.
  • Predator” psychic method of defense.
  • Importance of playing the game when activating the visualization techniques.
  • Safety while driving a car. How to protect yourself on the road. When do most accidents happen?
  • How to correctly switch from one activity to another.
  • How to make sure that your psychic self defense will be turned off when needed.
  • What is the difference between white and black magic?
  • Effective way to deal with your opponent when using psychic self defense methods of protection.
  • Evolution in using psychic self defense. What happens when you master psychic self defense on one level?
  • What should you wear when practicing energy protection techniques.
  • Using sound for energy protection. What sound should you use and how does it help?
  • You are what you eat and you are what you eat from. Protecting your personal belongings.
  • How to protect children from psychic attacks?
  • White knife“, “Unwanted guests” – psychic self defense.
  • “”Love thy enemy” – psychic diagnosis technique.
  • How should you treat people who make you feel aggressive? How to embrace their role in your life.
  • Waterfall” and “Firewall“. Using elements in your psychic self defense.
  • Dynamic Cylinder” very powerful psychic self defense.
  • Protecting yourself when somebody wants to steal your energy on purpose. “Tentacle” psychic self defense.
  • 3 modes of human sight. Which one is used in visualization techniques.
  • Aspen stake” psychic self defense.
  • Why should you hide your actions while practicing psychic methods of energy protection .
  • Correct way to address you personal spiritual guide (angel), Higher Self  or Overself .
  • Disconnection from negative energy through movement.
  • “Burning off” channels that drain your energy.
  • Disconnecting from a psychic energy vampire” .
  • Green lens” visualization technique.
  • White sheet” psychic self defense.
  • PowerUp backpack” visualization technique.
  • Actor on the stage” visualization technique.
  • Set of visualization techniques that can quickly cure flue.
  • How do people connect with each other? Transit ways of connection.
  • Cleansing negative energy from the food that you eat or might have already eaten.
  • Why do people with special abilities suffer when they die?
  • How to clean your own photographs so no harm can be done to you on the energy level.
  • How to protect yourself from “Voodo Dolls”.
  • “Disconnection from the dead” psychic self defense.
  • Finding protection in churches and sacred places. Frequency of religions.
  • Visualizing a prayer and praying through your heart.
  • Functional phantom” or “Battle phantom” – dynamic psychic self protection.
  • Cleansing your clothing from negative energy.
  • How to cleanse your home from negative energy. How to clear negative energy from a hotel room.
  • Using the system of false targets for psychic self defense.
  • Increasing the frequency of your brain activity through music, scented sticks and location.
  • Feeding your Aura with beeswax candle – energy boost meditation.
  • Charging needles for psychic protection using beeswax candle.
  • Candle of retribution” – a one of the most  powerful psychic self defense techniques.
  • Astral Police” psychic method of defense.
  • Laws of Nature that you should know for psychic self defense.
  • The most effective psychic self defense of all.

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